May 21, 2015

Coral Florals

I have been kind of absent from blogging lately, due to creating new items for my store relaunch. And even tho I'm really excited to finally get my new, handmade products up, I really just can't wait to focus more time and attention on blogging. I wanted to share this floral crown I created for a boho photo shoot I'm styling tomorrow. I have never made a floral crown with silk flowers, and I am really happy how it turned out. Plus, it was way easier to make than if I were using fresh flowers, or paper ones I created myself. 
I used the extra flowers to form a backdrop on the wall. It's so dreamy and different, I wish I could leave it up all year long. It also got me thinking about how this would be a fun and uncomplicated way to spruce up a wall, and create a backdrop for parties or event. All you need is flowers, washi tape, and scissors! Now, I  want to throw a party and due it all over again!

May 05, 2015

Happy Cinco de Mayo 2015

Happy Cinco de Mayo party people! I hope your day is one giant fiesta! I made these shorts especially for today, because I just love dressing festive for different holidays. I really wanted to make  something with an old Mexican poncho, and thought shorts would be fun! Turns out I was right!

May 01, 2015

DIY Confetti Nails

Hey lovelies! I have a question for you. Does this confetti look familiar? That's right, it's the same from my DIY confetti post I did last month! Well, I thought that I would put it to use, and give myself a fresh new mani. You can create this look too, it's so simple and fun! Read on...
-Clear nail polish
-White nail polish
-Small paper confetti

Paint a base layer on your nails with the clear coat. When that is dry, paint on the white color. 
Add a tiny drop of clear polish to one end of the toothpick. Then, quickly pick up a small piece of confetti with the toothpick and place it on to your nails. Use the other end of the toothpick (that is dry) to tap down the confetti, and spread the clear polish underneath. Let the confetti dry for a few minutes, then add one or two clear top coats.
This manicure is pretty awesome, especially since you can match your nails to pretty much any party theme that you like! I chose to match mine to this tassel garland I made. What do you think?

p.s. Let me know if you try this look out! You can send me photo, tag me @wearthecanvas on Instagram and/or Facebook, and don't forget to use #wearthecraft when posting your pics!


April 29, 2015

Cinco de Mayo Inspired Graphic Tee - 2 Ways

Graphic tees are all the rage right now, and I am absolutely loving this trend. The fun and quirky sayings on all of the shirts I've seen around always make me smile, and I thought it was about time I start sporting this look myself. Not only are these shirts remarkably easy to make, but they are highly customizable too! I decided that I needed a couple of tops that represented my love for Mexican food, and with Cinco de Mayo coming up, how could I not? Read on to see the two ways in which I created my graphic shirts...

-Iron-on letters
-Press cloth (any lightweight cotton fabric)
-Scissors (depending on what type of iron on letters you have)

Decided what you would like your t-shirt to say.  I chose the phrase "tacos please" because I'm always craving tacos! Depending on which type of iron on letters you bought, you may or may not have to cut around the letters (some packs have the letters you can just peel right off.)
Lay out your letters on the shirt. (As you can see, I had to cut around my letters, as described in the previous step.)
Heat your iron to the cotton setting, making sure the steam is turned off. Carefully lay a press cloth over the letters, making sure not to shift any out of place. Iron over the letters according to the package directions.
Now you're ready to party! 

-White t-shirt (it is best to have a smooth, soft shirt for this version)
-Fabric paint
-Fine paintbrush
-Holy Guacamole Template (or any other custom word template)

Print out the 'holy guacamole" template, or you can choose to customize your own. If designing your own, I would recommend the letters be in a thicker font, and filled in with black. Once you have your saying all printed out, cover it with a layer of clear tape.
Insert the piece of paper with your saying on it between the layers of your shirt. After this step you may also want to tape your shirt down to your work surface so it does not shift as you work on it. Use a fine paintbrush to paint over the letters with your fabric paint. Allow it to dry for a couple of hours, and then iron according to paint bottle directions.
There you have it, another custom graphic tee, perfect for any fiesta! 

Comment below and tell me what you would want your graphic shirt to say! And if you decided to make your own, I would love to see how it turned out so share your photos and make sure to tag your creations with #wearthecraft on Instagram!


March 31, 2015

DIY Confetti: 3 Ways

I have been obsessing over confetti lately. I just can't seem to get enough of it! I even have a drawer full of various bags, mixed with different types of confetti. I absolutely adore using it in photography, throwing it in the air when I'm feeling a little down, or wearing it as an accessory in my hair. 

 I have frequented many local and online shops to find the perfect mix, only to be let down when I can't find the colors, textures, or prices I'm looking for. I decided it was time to take manners into my own hands and create my own. I wanted to show you the process of how I've created my own custom confetti mixes, just in case you've found yourself in the same confetti conundrum as I did. 

Version One Supplies:
-Tissue paper
The first step is to cut long strips of tissue paper. This works best if you keep the stack of tissue paper folded together and then cut through all the layers at once
Once you have all the strips cut out, start cutting into the ends of them, angling the scissors in different ways to create different shapes. 
Mix all the little pieces together. Then, use your fingers to to rub the confetti together to un-stick any pieces that may have clumped together from cutting. 
Now you're ready to party! Throw is in the air, scatter it on tables, stuff it into envelopes. The possibilities are endless! Tip: using a mix of regular tissue paper and metallic paper looks amazing together, but the metallic pieces are heavier, are more prone to sinking to the bottom, and falls quicker than the tissue pieces when thrown in the air. 

Version Two Supplies:
-Tissue Paper
-2 sizes of hole punchers

Like the above version, cut your tissue paper into long strips. Once you have all your strips cut out, start creating the confetti with the smaller hole punch. 
Once you have enough smaller pieces, start punching out the larger circles using the other hole puncher. Tip: you may have to work with the thickness of the tissue paper to make it easier to punch. If it's too thick, it will stick to the outer edge of the hole punch. If it's too thin, it will not pierce through the paper properly. 
Like in version one above, mix the pieces together, and then run them through your fingers to help break apart any pieces that have stuck together.
Bam! You now have another custom confetti mix! I really like this mix because it reminds me of the kind I used to be able to buy at the party store here, that has sadly been discontinued. The tissue circle confetti is also very popular right now. 

Version 3 Supplies:
-Variety of ribbons

Decide which colors of ribbon you want to work with, and cut some off the spool. Tip: This is also a great project for left over ribbon scraps. 
Start cutting the ends of each ribbon off to form small pieces . You can play around with the angle of cutting (like in version 1,) or how wide each pieces is.
Mix all your ribbon bits together to create your custom mix. 
Now you have your own custom confetti mixes! These methods can be a little time consuming, but if you're not looking to decorate a huge party, it's a great alternative to buying it from the store. Plus, when you make your own, the possibilities for color and texture are endless! 

xxoo Jené

March 29, 2015

Wear The Canvas With Firmoo (A Review)

 photo firmoo1.gif
It's no secret that I wear glasses quite often; something I'm sure most of my long time blog followers know. I gave up contacts back in 2008, and have only  recently started wearing them again. This is also the first year ever where I've had multiple pairs of glasses to mix and match with different outfits. took notice of my glasses habit, and asked me if I could review a pair of glasses for them. What I found really neat about this collaboration, is that I was able to pick the style I wanted, and get my personal prescription added! Since I have a pair of black cat eyes, and a pair of clear hipster glasses (for lack of a better term,) I decided to pick out a pair that were funky and fun, and something I probably would never normally go for. 
I chose this pair of wayfarers in this cool orange gradient tone. They are very fresh and unique, and have such a 70's vibe to them, which I absolutely love! Not to mention, they are insanely lightweight, which is a great quality for someone who wears glasses often. They shipped super quickly, and came with an adorable vintage map print case and cleaning cloth. The prices on frames are insanely good, but they also offer first time customers 50% off! If you want to snag a pair of cool new specs, click here for more details on how to get your own pair for a steal of a deal! 

xxoo  Jené

March 17, 2015

Stickers & Pins

Hello beauties! I just had to pop in and share this pic of my little sticker and pin collection I have going on today! St. Patty's Day is  perfect for wearing green and rainbows! I wish my entire dress was full of fun, festive pins and stickers! 

What do you think of this look? Comment below and let me know what you think. 

xxoo Jené

Get Lucky

Happy St. Patrick's Day all! Hope you get lucky today! And if you use the 60% off code for my store, I know it will be a lucky one! Shop now, and enter "SAVE60" at checkout to take part of this awesome deal! 

xxoo Jené


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